Procedure – Psychological


There are numerous tests conducted during five day SSB interviews. All these SSB tests can be classified as either psychological tests or as GTO tests.

Some of the procedures of tests are according to De Novo System of SSB which is under testing and not yet implemented. Feel free to contact us regarding the SSB Procedure.


Trained SSB psychologist officers will organise the psychology tests of SSB and assess candidates according to their best judgement. Following are the various psychology tests conducted in SSB interviews.

SSB Intelligence test consists of two question paper sets each consisting of 50 questions. SSB candidates will be given 30 minutes for answering one question paper set. So overall, SSB aspirants will have to answer 100 questions in one hour duration.

First question paper set will be given and after the stipulated time period of 30 minutes are over, second question paper set will be issued. And after another 30 minutes of time period, second set of question paper and answer sheet will be taken back.

No break is given once the examination starts. So please be sure to have completed your natural calls before the exam starts.   If you really want to crack SSB then you need to prepare well for the intelligence test as this is the only test where you can improve performance.   So all the best for your upcoming SSB interviews.

Second exam on the SSB day 1 is PPDT. This exam is very important to clear the first phase of SSB interview and get screened in. After completion of intelligence test, all candidates will be issued with their chest numbers which will remain with them throughout the interview. There will be special standard method will be adopted to allot the chest numbers.   Once the chest numbers are allotted, all SSB interview candidates will be asked to be seated as per the chest numbers. In general, twenty candidates will be accommodated in one single row. After all candidates take their respective seats, the SSB interview board officer will brief the candidates about the Picture perception test.

A picture will be shown to all SSB aspirants for one minute on the screen. You need to observe the picture minutely. After the picture of PPDT disappears, you will be given four minutes time to write the story on a picture. So all SSB candidates have to write a story based on the picture projected on the screen. And also candidate needs to write the positions of characters shown on the picture along with their age, gender and mood in the square given in the answer sheet.   You have to encircle the main character of the picture shown in PPDT of SSB interview. And other characters which you are able to identify in the picture, you have to show them in the square box provided in the picture. So first thing you need to do is to identify and mark all the details on the square box provided in the SSB PPDT answer sheet.   After filling up the details, try to write the story what you percept by seeing the picture. After writing the story, the real PPDT testing part will be conducted.

Main part of the PPDT exam is the group discussion after writing the story. Candidates will be distributed into groups as per their chest numbers. Generally, each group of PPDT will have ten to twelve candidates. Four to five batches will be made to discuss at a time. Remaining batches will be waiting outside the group discussion hall.   In the PPDT group discussion, there will be three to four interviewing officers specialized in SSB interviews including a psychologist. One of the officers will welcome you and will briefly tell that each candidate will be given thirty seconds time to describe the story and all will have to discuss about the story. Main motive of the group discussion is to come up with a common story. Batch has to present a final story to the SSB interviewing board.   After the group discussion is over, you have to wait outside the SSB group discussion hall for about one hour. After a while the results will be declared by announcing the chest numbers. Selected candidates on the first day of SSB interview will stay back in the SSB interview place for further testing. And screened out candidates will have to return back to their homes immediately after the results are announced.   So be careful and put your full efforts to be screened in by SSB interview board so that you may crack SSB interview with ease.

First of all as you all find in each and every important exam, chest number, name, batch number are required to be filled up. Then comes your name in the second question i.e., Name of the candidate. And in the third question candidates have to write their father’s name.

Fourth question of PIQ is divided in four sub questions numbered as a,b,c and d. So first sub question of fourth question is Place of raise. Second sub question is present address with appx population of the city. Third sub question is permanent address with appx population of the city. And fourth question is whether the place is a district headquarter or not.

In the fifth question, SSB candidates have to fill up their state, district, religion, caste i.e., whether they belongs to SC/ST/OBC, mother tongue, date of birth, and marital status i.e., married/single/widower.

Personal information questionnaire’s sixth question is divided into three subclasses. First question will be asked whether your parents are alive or not? You have to fill up yes or no. Second question will be for those who have lost their parents. So second question will instruct the candidates to fill up their age when their parents died. Third question deals about education, occupation, income per month of your father, mother and guardian.

Seventh question of SSB interview’s PIQ deals with your siblings. Seventh question is also divided into three sub questions. First sub question will ask you to fill up total number of brothers and sisters you have. Second sub question will ask you to fill up your ranking among brothers and sisters. And thirdly, you have to fill up education and occupation

In PIQ’s eight question, candidates will be asked to write down their educational record from matriculation onward. Candidate required to write name of institute, year of passing, division, marks obtained, medium of study, day scholar / boarder and any outstanding achievements.

Ninth question will be about present occupation of the candidate and monthly income being earned if any.

Tenth question of PIQ form is divided into two sub questions. The tenth question will be of candidate’s NCC training. In the first question you need to write whether you have undergone any NCC training or not. And in second sub question, you need to write about total training period, wing, division and certificate obtained.

Eleventh question of personal information questionnaire will be divided in four sub questions. First question will be asked about the participation in games and sports if any. Second question will be about your hobbies and interests. Third question will be participation in any extra curricular activities. Fourth question will be about position of responsibility / offices held in NCC or scouting experience or in any sports team, or in any extra curricular activity.

In the twelfth question, nature of commissioning and choice of service will be asked.

In SSB interview’s PIQ, thirteenth question will deal with number of chances availed in all three services, i.e., Army, Navy and Air Force.

Last question in PIQ of SSB interview is about details of last interview if the candidate has attended earlier. The candidates who have appeared in SSB interviews earlier, should write the following details. Type of entry for which they were interviewed by the selection board. Place and date of SSB, date, batch and chest number. Also you have to write the result of the previous SSB interviews.

In TAT, all candidates will be seated in an auditorium or a big hall. There will be a projector or OHP set to project the pictures on the screen. SSB officer will brief all the candidates about the test before TAT starts.


  • Total 20 pictures will be shown on the screen during the TAT examination.
  • Each picture will be displayed for thirty seconds.
  • Candidates need to observe the picture for thirty seconds and write a story on the picture.
  • Candidates should give a meaningful title for the story on the top.
  • Candidates will have three minutes to write the story.
  • No break is given to the candidates during the test.

After giving the briefing, the officer will ask you whether you have any doubts. So please do ask promptly if you have any slightest doubt in your mind regarding the test. After doubts are cleared, one by one all TAT pictures will be shown to the candidates. Once the test begins, you will have very little time to relax in between. So all SSB candidates are advised to be quick enough to cope up with the speed.

Last slide of TAT test of SSB interview will be a blank one. It might sound absurd but it’s absolutely true that the last slide will be a blank one. So all first timers will be surprised by the blank slide of SSB. So candidates need to learn how to answer blank slide of Thematic Apperception Test in order to score good marks in TAT.


Mainly five personality qualities of candidates are tested in WAT by SSB psychology officers. All these personalty traits tested are linked with Officer Like Qualities i.e., OLQs. So based on the answers given by candidates, trained and experienced psychologists will judge whether a candidate has OLQs in him or not.    Following qualities are checked in WAT test.

  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Secular
  • Truthfulness
  • Impartiality

In order to test whether the above mentioned OLQs are there in the aspirant, SSB follows olden approach where psychologists were deciding whether a person does have leader like qualities or not by conducting word association tests. The psychologists used to show or tell persons few words and were asked to write down the first thought that came in their mind when they heard / listened the said word. And based on the answers given by the candidates, they used to form an opinion about the respondents.    In the same fashion, Services Selection Board too depend on Word Association Test to decide whether candidates have OLQs in them or not. To test the genuineness of the answers, specially trained psychologists are appointed for evaluation. Also reaction time is reduced to the minimum possible time so that the candidates will not have time to recollect the practiced or mugged up sentences. So automatically all personality traits will come out according to the person.

Following briefing will be given by the officers before the test commences.

  • All candidates will be given sixty situations.
  • Each situation will have few suggested reactions.
  • Candidates may chose an option which he thinks the best one.
  • If the candidate feels that the options are not matching his ideology, he may write down his pan of action in the option provided with blank space.
  • Total time will be 45 minutes for completing SRT test.

After briefing, SRT question papers will be distributed to all the candidates and when the invigilator says to start answering, don’t wait for anything. Start answering the questions immediately.

All candidates have to write down their plan of action if he faces the situation in his real life. SRT of SSB can fetch you more marks as compared to other tests. So it would be better if a candidate knows the best way to solve situation reaction test questions during the interview.


First and foremost question of SD test will be “What I think of myself?”. All candidates need to write down a detailed description about themselves. You will have limited words in which you have to explain about yourself. It is recommended to write down your educational background, physical strengths, and hobbies. Also you should mention your attitude towards cultural activities and religion. If possible, write down your economical status too.


Second question of self description test will be about what your parents think about you. So here, you need to write about your parents opinion on you. Try to bring out the positive aspects of their opinion and also you can mention few things of your personality which annoys your parents.


In the third question candidates will be asked to write down opinion of their teachers. Teachers are the most suitable and dependable sources of giving correct opinion about their student’s personal traits. So you need to write down what you feel.


Friends are very close to us and our overall personality depends upon the personality of our friends too. We can say a lot about a person by looking at his friends. So fourth question of SSB interview asks you to write down what your friends think about you. So go on and write down the opinion of your friends.


Enemies are also good source to find out the character of a person. If a person is rude or arrogant, he is likely to have enemies who have soft personality. So you have to write down what your enemies think about you and why they became enemies to you.


A living person keeps on improving his personality till his death. If a person stops to improve himself, he will not be worth living. All candidates might have few drawbacks in them and definitely most of them might have an idea to improve few qualities to better themselves. So here, you need to write about various qualities which you think to improve upon in the near future.

Personal interview is one of the important tests of SSB interviews. Presiding officer of SSB board will take personal interview of all candidates. Generally the personality interview test of SSBs will be conducted in the afternoon session only. The interview is likely to be conducted on second or third or fourth day of SSB interviews.

During the personal interviews, interviewing officer will ask many questions to derive the Officer Like Qualities of a candidate. Here we have provided tips and sure shot questions of personal interviews.

All candidates need to remember all details of their Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ). PIQ questions are asked by the presiding officer to check whether the candidate has filled up all details correctly or not.

Presiding officer will ask personal information such as family background, educational details, hobbies and achievements in the past. These will give a brief idea about the thinking of a candidate and presenting ability.

Also power of expression is checked by the presiding officer.

Current affairs related questions will be asked to test whether the candidate does update his knowledge everyday by reading newspaper or TV news. Candidate should answer maximum number of current affairs test questions to impress the interviewing officer.

If you are appearing in SSB interview for technical entries, you will be asked technical questions too by the presiding officer.

Dress properly in formals to make good impression on the interviewing officer and don’t be sentimental in giving sensitive answers. Also be precise in answering questions. Do not bluff in front of the psychologist as it will definitely reduce the chances of selection.

Follow good body language and give proper salutation while entering and leaving the room.

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