Procedure – GTO


There are numerous tests conducted during five day SSB interviews. All these SSB tests can be classified as either psychological tests or as GTO tests.

In general, group discussions are conducted on the third day of SSB interviews. Group Training Officers (GTOs) are responsible for testing the candidates during the GDs. Discussions in a group will bring out various Officers Like Qualities (OLQs) in candidates.

During a group discussion, all candidates will be seated in a semi circle. In a batch,there will be ten to twelve candidates in SSB interviews. But this number may also increase up to twenty candidates per batch as per the total strength of SSB interview. GTO will sit in the backside of the semi-circled group. Also there may be two to three psychologists sitting and observing activities of each individual of the group during their discussion.

GTO will brief the group about the group discussion test in brief. Generally, group members will have to choose a discussion topic between the given two topics by GTO. For choosing a topic, two to three minutes will be given. So during these two to three minutes, candidates need to discuss among themselves and bring forward a topic to proceed with group discussion test. If a group can not come to a final decision about the topic to discuss, then GTO will give the topic according to his wish.

Total ten to fifteen minutes will be given to discuss about the topic. During the group discussion during the SSB interview, all candidates should involve themselves in the discussion. Generally, group discussion topics will be of current affairs or topics related to relationships between neighboring counties of India. Candidates should not become aggressive during the discussion. Also it should not look like a debate. You should discuss and bring forward the solutions or probable developments in the related issues.


Following are the most frequently asked topics in SSB interviews for group discussion tests.

  • Relationship between India and Pakistan
  • Relationship between India and China
  • Relationship between India and USA
  • Current scenario of sports in India
  • Empowerment of women in India
  • World peace
  • Curbing terrorism in India
  • How to tackle Naxalism in our country


Group discussion is one of the best tests of SSB interview to score good marks. But to achieve good impression with psychologists, we recommend all the candidates to keep the following things in their mind.

  • Concentrate on the given topics while the GTO of SSB interview announces the topics.
  • Keep your voice at moderate level. Don’t shout and don’t murmur.
  • Try to motivate the whole group to choose your desired topic at the beginning.
  • To motivate the group never try to argue adamantly.
  • After the topic has been finalised, quickly chart out all points related to the given topic.
  • Once the GTO tells to start, try to initiate the discussion.
  • Initiator of a group discussion carries few points and will become a strong contender.
  • If you are not able to initiate then don’t worry if you are able to speak at second or third turn also will help you in getting good points.
  • After the initiation, candidate needs to continuously participate in the group discussion to impress the SSB interview psychologists and GTOs.
  • Don’t look at the GTO or other psychologists while participating in the group discussion.
  • Don’t argue on your point. Remember that it is not a debate where you argue on your opinion.
  • Try to make eye contact with all members while you are speaking.

If a candidate will keep the above mentioned group discussion tips in his mind, he will be able to impress the officials and thus have bright chances of being recommended by SSB board.

Whichever armed force you choose from Indian Air Force, Navy and Army military planning test of SSB interview is crucial to decide whether a candidate fit to serve in Indian Armed forces or not. 

Services Selection Board conducts SSB interviews to determine whether a candidate have all Officers Like Qualities in him or not. If the board feels that a candidate does have all OLQs and fit to serve in Indian armed forces, it recommends that candidate to be recruited in defence forces as an officer.  To become an officer one must crack the SSB interview.
An officer is first a soldier and then is specialised at his specified duty. So in the time of war or any natural calamity, an officer must be quick enough to take wise decisions to tackle the situation. In order to train a person to make him an officer, one must be a good planner. To test whether candidates have some kind of smart planning, SSB conducts military planning test. Military planning is one of the group testing exercises conducted during SSB interview.

Group Testing Officers are responsible for conducting military planning exercise during the SSB interview. GTOs will also give marks to all candidates according to their performance in the military task. Thus, GTO officers will keep a close eye on all candidates while the test is conducted.

10 to 12 chairs will be placed in a circular fashion and the GTO of SSB interview will ask all candidates of a batch to be seated according to their chest numbers. Thus, all candidates need to be seated quickly without wasting the time. There will be a map kept in the center of all candidates. Map may be made up of sand or it may be mere a painting.    Group testing officer of SSB interview will hand over military planning test question papers and answer sheets to all candidates. Candidates will be instructed not to open the question papers till they are asked to do so.   After handing over question papers of military planning, GTO will explain problems involved in the map shown to the candidates and will ask all to read the instructions and information written on the question paper carefully. All candidates need to understand the situation clearly as the complete military planning test of SSB interview will depend on understanding capability of candidates. After giving five minutes time to understand the problems, the SSB group testing officer will ask the candidates to ask if there is any doubts. If you have any doubt, please ask without hesitation and clear your doubts before the test begins. After GTO is satisfied that no one has any doubts regarding military planning test, he will ask the candidates to write down their solutions/answers to military planning test questions. Total five minutes time will be given to write down the answers.    After the five minutes are over, all candidates need to stop writing immediately.   GTO will then give another ten minutes to all candidates to discuss their solutions among themselves and make out a common solution to the problems given.  All candidates need to listen to others solutions and also put forward their solution. After listening to the solutions, all need to discuss to arrive on a common solution. During the military planning discussion, a leader will emerge based on the involvement and ability to convince the group. Group has to nominate a person to finally describe the story to the SSB interview board GTO. After the narration, GTO may give an analysis or may not.  If candidates are good at planning the things, they will succeed in scoring high marks in SSB military planning exercise and finally will be able to crack SSB interview with flying  colours.

Lecturette is one of the tests conducted by SSB to judge the personality of the candidates. In the lecturette test, all candidates will be sitting in a single row according to the chest numbers allotted to them. On a table few cards will be kept. Group Testing Officer will instruct first candidate of the group to pick up any one of the card. In the card, there will be three topics given for delivering lecturette. And three minutes time will be given to the candidate to prepare for giving a lecture. First candidate will come and starts delivering the lecture. In the mean time, second candidate with next chest number will go and pick up one card. Second person will have three minutes time to prepare for lecturette. As soon as three minutes finishes, second candidate will come and deliver a lecture in front of all candidates. And the process goes on like this till the last member finishes his lecturette of SSB interview.

Following are the most frequently asked topics during lecturettes of SSB interview.

  • Sportsmanship
  • Social Economic Zones (SEZ)
  • Naxalism and growth
  • Women empowerment
  • Tourism of India
  • World Peace
  • Sex education
  • Child labour
  • Population control

A lecturette spans around just three minutes. So to score high marks during a three minute test is very tough if taken lightly. Not only marks does matter but also overall impression of a candidate depends upon the SSB lecturette test performance. There are few aspects by which candidates can perform well in SSB lecturettes.


Confidence is the key factor to succeed in not only SSB interviews but also in any other competitive exams too. Starting from walking towards the desk to choose lecturette topic card to coming back to your seat after delivering the lecture, you should be confident. To look confident, you should do crisp actions with smartness.


Knowledge is a real mirror of a person. One have to be knowledgeable to showcase one’s knowledge about an issue. When it comes to delivering a lecturette, knowledge plays a vital role in the success rate of a person’s lecturette delivery. Without knowledge you may not have sufficient data to speak for three minutes on the selected topic. To gain knowledge, go through various lecturette topics and current affairs.


All candidates who wish to top in lecturette tests of SSB should work upon their body language. While delivering the lecturette, one should not demonstrate negative or aggressive body language. We recommend that candidate delivering the lecture should make minimum body moments including hand gestures and leg moments. One should stand erect on both legs and deliver the speech confidently.

Progressive Group Task of SSB interviews is one of the most important outdoor tests of GTO tests. PGT test is very helpful for GTO officers to assess all candidates for various Officers Like Qualities such as team spirit, self confidence and ability of proper planning. This SSB interview test is designed in such a way that it have to be completed by a team and not an individual. The test includes few problems and few objectives for which the group needs to find out solution. Not only finding solution is important, but to accomplish the objective by using that solution is also lays a vital role in getting recommended by the SSB board.


Before knowing about PGT test, let us see why this test is important. This is the frequently asked question by most of the aspirants. All candidates think this test is just to engage them and tire them up so that the real performance can be tested afterwards. But PGT is very important test of SSB as GTO will assess all candidates with this test. And based on this assessment, he will co-relate individual candidate’s OLQs with various other tests such as Military Planning Exercise, Individual obstacles test and also to those of psychology tests such as TAT, WAT and PPDT.   If the officers of selection board feels that a candidate have some OLQs commonly in all examinations, then that candidate will be the favorite candidate to become an officer. All officers working in Indian Army, Air Force and Navy do face lot of problems on day to day basis and many face problems which can only be tackled by a group of men. At that time, an officer is required to guide other team members to solve the problem. Thus, this test is vital for a candidate who want to top the SSB interview.

  • In Progressive Group Task, there will be a starting line and a finishing line.
  • There will be few material which the group need to carry from start line to finish line.
  • These material may vary from one SSB board to other.
  • Generally, group is made to carry wooden blocks, rope, a steel box or a stretcher.

Till now it looks very simple but the tricky part of Progressive Group Testing is the obstacles. Few areas will be marked as red which should not be touched by anyone of the group members. Similarly, few areas and objects will be painted in black color which can be touched but one cannot place material on those areas and blocks. Areas which are marked as white color can be used for crossing by all candidates and material can also kept on those structures.

SSB interview GTO tests are very important for passing the interview. Without being recommended by the GTO, one cannot get recommended by Services Selection Board. Snake race is conducted by GTO as part of GTO tests.    In the snake race test of SSB interview, group of candidates will be holding a long and somewhat heavy rope. After holding the rope, the batch should be able to take the rope from the start line to end line. Snake race is conducted for all batches at a time and GTO will watch and observe each candidate very carefully to note down potential OLQs.


During snake race test of SSB interview, all candidates need to participate with full might and act as in a group. Though individual qualities are tested in snake race by GTO, mostly OLQs which are required for a leader when he is in a group are evaluated in this test. Thus, one need to concentrate on working together with full group rather to perform individually.   One should follow all rules of snake race which are elaborated by the GTO. Candidates should be attentive and should actively participate in the test. During the snake race, you will be asked to choose a slogan to shout all the way to finish line. Thus, candidates who want to pass SSB interview should shout the slogan enthusiastically during the snake test.   Shouting will increase your self confidence as well as it improves team coordination. Also you should encourage others too to shout with the group. One should encourage all team members to be quick.   In a group you may find some candidates lethargic and are very slow in their action. So just encourage them to do their best. This will have a positive impression for GTO. Don’t scold other candidates if they commit any mistake during the snake race test. Just tell them that it’s fine and be careful next time.   Snake race of SSB interview will explore many Officers Like Qualities of all candidates who are participating in the test. We knowingly or unknowingly reveal our qualities in front of GTO when we are exposed to challenging conditions.   Overall, patience is the key for success in snake race test.

Half Group Test or HGT is conducted with only half batch members of SSB interview. Thus, there will be two batches divided in SSB interviews. And one obstacle is given to complete for each half group. There will be ten to fifteen minutes time to complete the Half Group Task. GTO will observe every candidate of the group keenly so that he can assess the individual for the officers like qualities. So it is very important for candidate to show his qualities in front of GTO. Generally half group will be asked to carry out a dummy load from start point to end point. Rules of HGT are same as Full Group Task of SSB interviews.

In HGT the group needs to carry a load to finish line. There will be areas painted in red color. Neither candidate nor any material should touch those areas. If anyone will touch it accidentally, he needs to do the obstacle from the starting point. Also candidates can jump up to four feet distance only. Beyond four feet distance, one need to use the helping material to cross.    At the beginning, GTO will explain all rules and objective of HGT. He will also demonstrate small obstacle for making all candidates comfortable. After explaining and clearing all doubts, GTO will ask the group to start the test.    Group planning, self confidence, creativity, problem solving quality and motivating other group members are exposed in this test. Thus do your best to show all OLQs.

Command task test as its name suggests is a test in which a candidate need to command and accomplish a task. Like in HGT or PGT, in Command task test, candidates need to complete an obstacle. Each and every individual is given a team of three candidates and asked to command them and complete an obstacle. In this task, each candidate is made as commander who can choose three candidates in his team to accomplish the task. Command task is very important because in this test, you will have full opportunity to showcase problem solving and commanding ability to the GTO.


First of all you need to select three team members according to the task. So you need to choose all three candidates according to the task. If the task includes to cross 6 feet distance using wooden plank, then it is better to choose thin or slim candidates who can do the task easily. After choosing the team mates, when the GTO tells to start the task, command the team and accomplish the task. Think logically and plan the things by which you can complete the task. You should do it in shortest possible way and with minimum efforts.

While you are chosen as a team member in Command task, just follow the command do it sincerely. That’s the requirement of a team member. So just obey the orders quickly. While you are working in a team also your actions will be observed closely and will be judged accordingly.

There will be total ten obstacles that need to be crossed by an individual candidate. These ten obstacles carry marks depending upon the difficulty level of the obstacles. Here we have provided details of all ten obstacles.

  1. Long jump – Candidates need to jump over 6 feet long ditch to pass this obstacle. In order to pass this obstacle, just run from some distance with all your pace and jump at once to pass. It is not that much difficult to pass. So one must not miss this obstacle during Individual obstacle test.
  2. High jump – Generally a candidate need to jump four feet high obstacle. This test is also quite easy if a candidate does practice. Same as in long jump, run from some distance and jump at once.
  3. Wall climbing – In this SSB Individual obstacle, candidate needs to climb a wall of 7 feet height. Climbing 7 feet high wall seems little difficult if a candidate haven’t climbed any wall during his college or school days. If you are good in jumping campus wall and bunk the classes, it is sufficient to pass this test. Our normal height is of 6 feet and we need to jump one feet extra than ours. For this we have to take support of our hands and legs. First run from some distance and leap on the wall. Place your both hands firmly on the top of wall and jump on it.
  4. Monkey crawling – Monkey crawling obstacle will consist of three wooden structures arranged in haphazard manner. In this test candidate’s self confidence and balancing quality is judged by the SSB GTO. To pass monkey crawling obstacle, just go through this obstacle as fast as possible by maintaining your balance.
  5. Rope climbing – Rope climbing obstacle is one of the toughest of individual obstacles. Candidate need to climb 16 feet rope. Important thing to note down at rope climbing is when you are coming down, don’t slide using the hands. Sliding will rupture your hands and you will be injured. As you have climbed the rope slowly, get down slowly to avoid any injuries.
  6. Passing through tyre or Tiger leap – As the name suggests, one need to leap like a tiger to pass this obstacle. One tyre will be hanging with the help of rope. Candidate need to jump through the tyre.
  7. Tarzan swing – One need to cross a ditch with the help of rope in a similar fashion that of a tarzan in the older days. Thus, climb the stairs and hold the rope above your chest level and jump with pace. You will definitely clear the exam.
  8. Tarzan  jump – In tarzan jump, candidate need to climb the stairs and jump from some height and catch the rope hanging in between and reach the other end.
  9. Balance walking – In balance walking obstacle, candidate need to walk through 7 feet wooden plank by balancing himself.
  10. Walking over parallel ropes – In this individual obstacle, candidate need to walk through the parallel ropes. Just keep cool and balance yourself to pass this obstacle.

Full Group Task test is conducted on fourth day of SSB interviews as part of GTO tests. GTO observes all candidates very closely as this is the last GTO test of SSB. After this test, GTO has to submit his findings about the candidates and finally he need to recommend eligible candidates. So all candidates need to be careful about FGT test. All need to put up their best to pass the FGT test.

In Full Group Task, all candidates need to carry a dummy load or a stretcher from start line to finish line. FGT is similar to that of Progressive Group Task. Hence, GTO will not give much briefing about the test and thus he will just ask the group to start the task after short briefing.

FGT test gives last chance to all candidates as well as GTO to show off various OLQs in GTO part of SSB. So all candidates need to participate with the same amount of enthusiasm and should put full efforts to do their best.

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