I am doing 10+2. How can I apply to be an Army Officer?

See the advertisement published by UPSC for NDA in Apr/Sep every year and for 10+2 TES Entry in leading news papers in Nov/Dec and May/June every year.

What is 10+2 NAVY (B.Tech) Cadet entry Scheme?

Under the scheme, candidates with 10 +2 (PCM) qualifications, after selection through the Services Selection Board, can make a career in Executive/ Marine/Electrical/Electronic Engineering/ Naval Architecture branch of Indian Navy. They undergo a four year Engineering course at prestigious Indian Naval Academy at Ezhimala and Cochin University of Science & technology (CUSAT, for Naval Architecture) under this entry.

Under the scheme, candidates with 10 +2 (PCM) qualifications, after selection through the Services Selection Board, are sent to Naval Academy where they undergo 4 yrs B Tech curriculum. On successful completion of the course they are granted permanent commission in the Electrical and Engineering branches of the Navy.

I am a lady candidate. And for the first time I am coming alone from my home. Do any person accompany me from station to SSB centre and vice-versa?

As per the details given in the call up letter you report at the appointed date and time. Our representative will receive all candidates at Railway Station and you will be provided transport from Railway Station to Selection Centre. Your boarding and lodging is free of cost along with other lady candidates.

I hold an Engineering Degree, which Branch can I join in the Navy? Please advise the procedure.

As an engineer, you have a choice to either join the Executive Branch, Education Branch or the Technical Branches. As an Executive Officer, the challenges are unique and entail responsibility of leading men into war. The Technical Branches contribute in maintaining the equipment having cutting edge technology. The complete exposure is loaded with excitement and stimulates you in achieving professional excellence. As an Education officer you train the officers and me at various academies and professional training establishment of the Navy.

What are the avenues available to me to join army at Graduate level?

Following entries are available

  1. IMA
  2. OTA
  3. NCC Special Entry Scheme
  4. TGC
  5. UES.

What does Indian Navy offer to our youth in terms of job satisfaction, adventure and career growth?

For those who seek fulfilment in life, there is no career like the Navy. A legacy of values that not only strengthen an individual’s character, but also provide him with

  • A source of inner strength & stability during times of crisis
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Status in the society
  • Sports and Adventure, which no company can offer
  • A total job satisfaction with good Quality of life
  • It offers an attractive pay package, perks, life time pension, medical benefits for self and family and chance to visit foreign ports.

Men in white are always cheerful and in high spirits as the service offers personal, financial and emotional security coupled with team spirit. Adventure activities like mountaineering, sailing, yachting, water sports, polo and other sports/games are easily accessible.

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