SSB interviews are conducted by various Services Selection Boards of Indian Army, Navy and by Air Force Selection Boards. These SSB boards selects candidates for commissioned officer posts in Indian Armed Forces through SSB interviews. Thus, if you want to become an officer in Indian Army, Air Force or Navy, you must crack SSB interview. SSB interview is conducted for five days to test all Officers Like Qualities in candidates.


Officers job in Indian Armed Forces is very reputed and challenging one. In order to become an officer in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force, one must possess all Officer Like Qualities (OLQs). Typically OLQs are the qualities which a true and successful leader should have in him in order to lead the community or a group. To crack SSB interview one must possess all OLQs.


Leadership quality is the essence of an officer in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. A successful leader only can guide his group or men when they need proper guidance to save the country’s pride. A leader should possess special qualities which make him stand high among all others.

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A leader will always initiate a work and motivate all others to take part in the work. If a leader will not initiate a work and will ask others to do the work, then others may think that the leader is misleading them.


A leader should be resourceful. An officer working in Army, Navy or Air Force will come under such circumstances where he needs to accomplish task assigned to him with the limited resources available with him.

Communication Skills

A leader should be able to communicate effectively with his followers so that he may convey his thoughts clearly. If communication skill of a person is not good, he may not become great leader. Communication skills bring the extra confidence in the leader. Thus, SSB interviewing officers will definitely look out for communication skills in the candidate who is appearing for the interview.

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Self Confidence

Self confidence is a must quality for an officer. An officer should be confident enough to give orders to his subordinates and also he should have good confidence by which he can do any task allotted to him. Thus self confidence quality is the key Officer Like Quality in order to be recommended by the SSB board.

Decision Making

An officer should have decision making quality in order to prevent major accidents and damage. One must be good decision maker in order to become a successful officer in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. If you are appearing in SSB interviews, you will come across various situations where you need to make quick and best decisions.


Persuasiveness is one of the most important OLQs. An officer should be able to persuade his subordinates for doing desired work. If an officer fails to persuade his juniors, then he will fail to accomplish the task assigned to him. Thus, SSB officials will look whether a candidate has persuasive quality in him or not.


A leader should be lively enough to attract the group. If a leader is dull and gloomy, then people may not trust him. So an officer should have the quality of liveliness in order to impress his juniors. Thus if you want to clear SSB interviews, then you should be lively enough to impress the psychology and GTO officers of SSB board.

Human Understanding

Understanding other humans is most important officer like quality through which one can excel in his leadership. Not only a defence officer should have ability of understanding humans but also every person should have this quality to become successful in their lives. SSB interviewing board officials will definitely look out for candidate’s human understanding quality through various tests.

Delegation of responsibility

Delegation of responsibility is vital officer like quality. A successful leader should delegate his duties and responsibilities to his subordinates during his leadership. A person cannot do all tasks by himself. Thus, in order to be successful one must delegate his work to others up to some extent.

Integrity and Loyalty

An Army, Navy or Air Force officer must have integrity and loyalty qualities. An officer should be loyal to his country in order to protect his country and countrymen. Though one cannot judge whether a person is loyal to his country or not, trained officers of SSB interview board will definitely judge whether a candidate is loyal or not through various psychology tests.


A leader should not be selfish. If an officer becomes selfish, then whole country may fell in risk of being attacked or intruded. If a person works unselfishly, then he will be much more fruitful than the selfish ones.

Basic / Fundamental Intelligence

Basic or fundamental intelligence is must for each and every person in order to lead a normal life. Higher degree of intelligence is required for successful leaders. Thus fundamental intelligence is one of the most important officers like qualities.

Practical Intelligence

One must have good amount of practical intelligence in order to be successful. If a person has only theoretical knowledge and don’t know how to use it in his day to day life, then that person is less likely to succeed.


Knowledge is very vital when it comes to leadership. If you want to lead a group of people, you must have good amount of knowledge. When it comes to armed forces officer’s life, the officer must have sound knowledge about various things in order to take best decisions in time to avoid massive loss. Thus, candidates need to show their knowledge in the interview in order to become an officer.

Physical Fitness

Life in Indian Army / Navy / Air Force is very challenging and requires good mental as well as physical health. Officers serving in armed forces should be fit enough to survive in any situation during their service. Though physical fitness does not matter much during SSB interviews, if a candidate is physically strong, it will be an added advantage.

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