India’s Air strike (Surgical Strike 2.0)

‘The more the things change the more they stay the same’ . This maxim seems to rule the India – Pakistan relation. PM Narendra Modi’s experience has been no different from his predecessors Manmohan Singh and Atal Bihari Vajpayee . The build with the neighbour has remained the same , a promising start ,great personal equations and then violence , from the Pak based terrorists .

However the Modi Government has always projected itself as having a far more muscular approach towards Pakistan than any other party . Having ordered a much published surgical strike in September 2016 following the URI Attack , he had to do something more spectacular to deliver on his threat to Pakistan . After the Pulwama Attack the PM had promised a befitting reply to the heinous act by JeM . His retaliation cry was evident from the huge crowds that attended the funeral processions of 40 CRPF personnel at their native places . How far were we willing to escalate???? was the key question .  Well the question is  very well responded by the IAF today by flying 12 Mirage – 2000 fighter jets right into enemy territory and dropping 1000kgs bomb on terror camps with pinpoint accuracy to ensure that there is no collateral damage (no doubt the armed forces live by the code ‘don’t touch the innocent , never spare the guilty’ ) .

The Air Strikes : In this intelligence led operation in early hours of today . India struck the biggest training camp of JeM in  Balakot . In this operation a very large number of JeM terrorists , trainers , senior commanders and groups of Jihadis were eliminated .  This facility at Balakot was headed by Maulana Yousuf Azhar the brother-in-law of Masood . Sources have mentioned that 12 Mirage 2000s took off in batches . The Mirages were equipped with laser guided  bombs . Also it is reported that Heron Surveillance was used in operation .

Background : On Feb 15 , Chief of Air Staff B.S Dhanoa had presented retaliatory air strike option . 7 and 1 Squadron engaged in the operation . Joint air surveillance by IAF and Army was done between Feb 16 – 21 . Trial run was being done in Central India so that Pakistani Intelligence can’t pick up any chatter . (acc to sources) .

About Mirage 2000 – The French made Dassault Mirage 2000 is undoubtedly one of IAF’s most versatile and deadliest aircraft . First commissioned in 1985 , It played a decisive role in Kargil Conflict Victory . It is a single engine fighter jet with a combat range of nearly 1000 miles ,capable of carrying advanced air to air ,air to surface missiles and bombs . The Air strikes conducted today proves that “old is gold” and also gave fighter pilots their share of adventure as ‘Why should Para SF have all the fun’ .

Taking about the level of courage the fighter pilots displayed today …..well I can never write about the people I Admire the most in limited words , People with tough shoulders and generous heart that carries both tactical and moral virtues in it’s highest form , fulfilling highest obligation and privileges of citizenship , who from the day of their joining till the day they bid farewell to their loved ones  ,live up to the motto “Nation before self” . Who don the uniform and embody a life of moral courage and integrity and also the unquestionable trust of over a billion  people  . To the families who have lost their loved ones , no amount of money , no benefits , no reservation , no memorial can ever fill up the loss ….but we as civilians and get up everyday and do our tasks more effectively and honestly . Let us prove ourselves to be responsible citizen worth fighting for .

Congratulations to the Indian Armed Forces ,congratulations to the government , congratulations to the unsung heroes and heroines (the  intelligence team ) …congratulations to India at large … Millions of people will sleep peacefully tonight .

Jai Hind

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