All you need to know about AK-203

By – Praveen Ranjan

AK-203 is the latest derivative of the legendary AK-47 rifle. India has signed a deal with a Russian firm to manufacture 750,000 of these assault rifles which would be given to the Army’s infantry troops.

The guns would replace the existing India-made INSAS assault rifles in the Army, Air Force and Navy.After the rifles are supplied to the defence forces, the government, in the next phase, would provide them to paramilitary and the state police forces. There is a possibility that 15 to 20 years down the line, all the forces would be using this assault rifle as their standard weapon.

The AK-203/103 rifle, which will soon be manufactured in Korwa area of Amethi after Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of its manufacturing unit, is the latest derivative of the legendary AK-47 rifle.

The project, in collaboration with Russia, will be undertaken at the Korwa ordnance factory, which was established in 2010. Around 7.5 lakh units of the latest version of AK-47 will be manufactured in the new unit.

The 200-series of AK rifles represents the next generation and evolution of the 100-series of AKs.

General Specifications of AK-203

Caliber – 7.62 × 39

Action – Gas operated,rotating bolt locking mech

Length – 880-940 mm,705(Stock Folded)

Barrel length – 415 mm (16.5 inch)

Weight – 4.1 kg with empty mag

Rate of fire – 600 rounds

Magazines capacity – 30 rounds

Effective range – 500 m with iron sight,800m with 4x scope.


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