What are the group tasks in SSB? Qualities seen by GTO

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Group testing is based on the theory of Gestalt, where in the GTO looks at the candidates performing in a group, gradually singles them out and gives a closer look and finally once again observes them perform in the group. There are a total of nine tasks/ activities conducted by the GTO. These are divided into three phases as described below.


It consists of the following tasks/activities:

a) Group Discussion(GD) – Two Rounds
b) Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
c) Progressive Group Task (PGT)
d) Snake Race (Group Obstacle Race)

All theses tasks are group tasks and your performance matters a lot.

1 – In this the group goes through three stages of development.
2 – The candidates tend to impose their supremacy on others and try to get control of the group.
3 – The realization that team is important than individual is an important aspect of group testing.
4 – The belief is, brilliant individuals who can’t be team players are of no use to the organization and thus even if a candidate proves to be very good individually but not able to cope up in a team, will definitely fail.


It consists of the following tasks/activities:

a) Half Group Task (HGT)
b) Individual Obstacle
c) Lecturette
d) Command Task(CT)

In this series, the GTO resolves his queries about each candidate by focusing more intensely on individuals as most of these tasks are individual in nature.


It consists of only one task, namely Final Group Task(FGT). This is basically for the GTO to have a final look at the candidates performing in a group environment before finishing the group test series.

The point to understand here is that it is important to do well in all the series and more importantly in the basic series. If you have not done well in the basic series your chances of getting recommended by the GTO will be very low. However, this does not mean that having done well in the basic series alone you don’t have to give your best in the confirmatory and final series.

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