Military Training : Turning boys into Men

By Simran Sikri (Project Shaurya Staff)

If you are young adventurous and have even a bit of inclination towards armed forces please give it a try because no other profession will give you as many possibilities as the military . Joining military is just like joining a family , where loyalty and obedience become your most significant traits .

The training is a physically and psychologically intensive process which helps you to overcome all your limits . Being a civilian where you couldn’t imagine running even half a mile , you will see yourself running with all your loads and at times even your buddy . Even after the training you practice hard regularly so as to pass the BPET(battle physical efficiency test ) and PPT( programme performance test) . Since the very first day you are taught the value of time and discipline, the motto being “right rig, right place, right time”. The junior ranks are taught to obey the commands by the seniors . While the officers in making at the various academies are trained not only to instruct and train their men and women, rather they are taught that they should be the first to engage the enemy , charging ahead of their soldiers , giving them a personal example of courage and devotion .

You are no longer a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh  or jaat . The religion of your unit becomes your religion . Your rifle and battle gear become your most priced possessions . The bond you establish with your comrades is as vital as blood relations . Military is a place where there is no individual credit or blame , it is always – all for one and one for all. Only in this profession you will see “when the going gets tough , the tough gets cyclic” – the punishments in the form of putty parade, front rolls , back rolls , turns lean men to strapping adults . No matter even if it is Sunday or you are on a holiday , you are usually up by 5 , performing your daily chores .

You go to battle , face terrorists along with the certainty that could lose your life . Yet you will give your all because your foremost priority is your country .

Joining the forces will mould you in best shape .

You will be gallant yet charming , proud yet humble , uncomfortably out of place in a materialistic world but you continue to live your life with dignity in most trying of times . Because that’s the way you are taught .

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