Career in Indian Armed Forces is career for you

By Bharat Joshi (Co-Founder)

Life Less Ordinary

Have you ever heard of :

  • People in corporate sector living their life lavishly.
  • A person enjoying adventures of life by being in a 9 to 9 job .
  • Business people, dealing with all the ups and downs at the same time compromising with their own needs.(etc)

Well, in every work there is struggle and something new is being learned. Nobody will train you for the struggle that you have to face in your life. People fail even after achieving success and failure is what makes you learn the new way of thinking and moving on in life.

What if you get an opportunity to deal with every problem of life like “oh problems, come on, I’ll punch you in the face”.

  • A place where you will learn about the real strength of a Human Being.
  • A place where you will lead hundreds of Men/Women with a hell lot of
  • A place where you will feel every Breath of your life.
  • Where respect will flow through the air. These things will not be offered to you anywhere in this world as you have to earn it. That place is not a job it is a 24X7, 365 days commitment.

Yes Commitment to your country…….. and that place is none other than the ARMED FORCES.

The primary training is done in the specially build Training Academies such as the NDA, IMA, OTA, INA and AFA for all the three forces. Here the cadet is Broken many times and given a shape. The process of changing a simple civilian to a different form of human being starts here.

Moulding a cadet’s routine into a strict one is a gift by these institutions which one after passing out will never forget in life. A trainee cadet learns the spirit of camaraderie amongst his mates. They learn to work efficiently and effectively during intense stressed up situations.

An overall physical, mental and personality development of an individual takes place.

After a specified time framed training the cadets are ranked and promoted as commissioned officers to serve in their respective commands.

We see people shooting guns, flying fighter jets , riding a tank and sailing on the war ships. Life of armed forces people is not just around this as it is shown.

The inside world is very different. Its glamorous outside but really tough inside. Its not a 10 to 12 hour job, you are being called upon any time for as long as you are required. Punctuality is what gets into the blood. These people work really hard and party even harder.

Like in the Airforce they have a squadron event called the ‘Rum Punch’ where toasts fly in the air as the glasses cheer together. Its just an ordinary party for the officers and the JWO’s .

Indian Armed Forces : India’s most exciting workplace

The Indian Armed Forces (Hindi Bhāratīya Saśastra Senāeṃ) are the military forces of the Republic of India. It consists of three professional uniformed services: the Indian ArmyIndian Navy, and Indian Air Force. Additionally, the Indian Armed Forces are supported by the Indian Coast Guard and paramilitary organisations.


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