Military Uniform Rules Everyone Should Follow

By Vedansh Sahu (Founder)

Dressing up is an important part of our every day routine which most of us knowingly or unknowingly ignore. If we contrast this to the attires followed by the military personnel, you would find them changing attire 3-4 times a day. There are specific dressing rules that the military personnel follow with their long list of dresses. Here are a few etiquettes that we can learn from these men in uniform on how to dress. Most of these rules apply to formal or semi-formal wears.

Dress for the occasion:

There are many dresses with the military personnel for every occasion. As an aspirant, if you are going out for a formal dinner night, a suit is the best. While your workplace might require a formal wear, tracksuits are best for exercise time.

Match the belt, boots and socks:

Ever noticed the colour of belt and boots of a soldier. Always the same colour (except for Navy, sometimes). The colour of tie, if wearing is also preferably matched.

Do not exhibit religious articles:

Exhibiting religious articles on any other wear except casual wear kills the look of it. Unless, of course you are very religious, go ahead, it can also be showcased to make you look more attractive. We’re not in the military right now anyway.

Top to Toe:

Your headgear, your clothes and even your socks matter the most. You do not wear white socks with black shoes! Match all the articles of your dress so that they complement each other.

Full dress marks respect:

Whenever there is a senior, you keep yourself fully dressed, even the headgear is not removed unless instructed by the senior. This shows a sign of respect to the senior. The senior could be anyone – your boss or even your principle.

In-Line Rule:

The buttons of your shirt must be in-line with the zipper of your pants. This makes it look more neat and organised – that you really pay attention to the details.

Black & White is ever-green:

No, not talking about mixing colours to get other colours here. A combination of black and white wear is all-occasional, be it a party, a funeral, wedding or any other function.

Be respectful to uniform:

If you wear a uniform, be it of school, work, NCC or any other place. Pay most respect to it. Do not make tweaks to it to adjust it to your comfort. There is a reason it was made that way, even if it is uncomfortable to you.

Be Sober:

Never wear something that induces feeling of hatred, oddness, promoting/showing support to someone etc. You want yourself to be showcased as a sober person who has a lot inside but shows a little outside. You want your dress to speak for you.

Change according to need:

Always keep your work attire different from what you wear at home. Do not continue the day with the same dress you wore to work this morning.


Grooming is an important part of dressing up. For men, a clean haircut and a shaved beard indicate a well-groomed man. Similarly, for a woman, hair neatly combed with a zero-knot indicates a formal look.


Well, this is not something that you can do freely in the military, but as a complementary point and since we are not in the military yet, try to change combinations of your clothing as frequently as you can. If you have 3 shirts, 3 pants and similar number of ties and belts, you can try 81 different combinations. Pick the best combinations and go on.


As they say – ‘a man is what he dresses like’. The dressing is an important part of daily life and dressing according to the occasion brings a sense of confidence and pride in oneself.

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