It is more than just a job. Being a soldier is more than courage, it's sacrificing yourself for something greater then yourself.

As a Soldier, you'll respond when disaster strikes. You'll also answer the call when your country needs you.

This is a unique mission. Make it your's today.

Training : A strong military is created one way.

Training Overview

After a recruit decides to join the Military, they begin the training phase of service. During this time, they acquire the skills they need to be fully prepared for the beginning of their careers. In this section, discover the differences in training between enlisted and officers, learn about advanced training and more.

Our Today's Military overview pages show the various stages of a military career, from the joining process to training, working and taking advantage of military benefits. Continue your journey below.

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In Indian Armed Forces, you control where your career takes you. Use this tool to not miss the possibilities.

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Young student volunteers need your help more than ever. Help us continue our mission of strengthening our nation’s youth through programs designed to encourage them, guide them, and to help them overcome obstacles together.


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Motivating India’s youth through programs designed to encourage them, guide them, and to help them overcome obstacles together.

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It is an excellent initiative to provide a platform to fulfil the dreams of those youth who have a passion and zeal to become a part of Indian Defence Services. All the Best.

Mr. Dalbir Singh

Mr. Dalbir Singh

Head of Placements and Alumni Affairs at SRHU Dehradun

It is indeed a very Positive initiative to guide & motivate our youth to join Armed Forces .The more & more young people get inspired the more they shall contribute towards making a Better & Strong India . .
I sincerely appreciate the efforts & the initiative of Mr Vedansh Sahu towards this Noble task .
Jai Hind .

Col. Pradeep Singh Bhatnagar (retd.)

Col. Pradeep Singh Bhatnagar (retd.)



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